Rest till Bäst is a Vinnova-funded project whose purpose is to develop solutions for managing society’s organic residues (park and garden waste, sludge, algae and seaweed) and create a much needed beneficial product (biochar), while at the same time minimising environmental and climate impact and establishing a carbon sink. The project has 15 partners – from universities and large companies to small enterprises and municipalities.


In Lund, the municipality is building the future by utilising knowledge, innovation and openness. University and municipality, research and development, business and society – all working together to contribute to sustainable urban development. Lund Municipality is the project manager for Rest till Bäst. They also provide organic residues in the form of park and garden waste, and many of the project’s experimental facilities are located in Lund.

Uppsala was named the global winner of WWF’s 2018 One Planet City Challenge – according to themselves this was only possible thanks to the widespread initiatives for sustainable mobility and the ambitions regarding renewable energy and energy efficiency. As a part of Rest till Bäst, Uppsala Municipality is developing and evaluating biofiltration facilities for the purification of storm water.


Malmö is the place where people gather to realise their ideas, and where sustainable development and innovation have a given place. Malmö Municipality’s primary contribution is methodology regarding phytoremediation, which is one of the applications used to test the biochar produced within the framework of the project.

VegTech is the leading supplier of vegetation technology solutions in the Nordic region and provides buildings and cities with multifunctional plant systems that contribute to reduced outflow of storm water, improve water quality and promote biodiversity. Within Rest till Bäst, VegTech helps testing if and how biochar can be used to improve the function of green roof solutions.


SLU is the university which develops knowledge on how we can use biological natural resources on land and in water in a sustainable way. SLU is the deputy project manager for Rest till Bäst and contributes its expertise within plant ecology and urban vegetation systems.

Trelleborg is the municipality that never says "good enough". Not until they have exhausted all avenues to ascertain where they stand, what they see and what they can do better and better and better…. From an environmental and sustainability perspective. Within Rest till Bäst, Trelleborg Municipality offers its expertise within nutrient circulation and the needs of residue owners. They also supply the project with organic residues in the form of sludge, algae and seaweed.


Belyazid Consulting & Communication (BCC) is a consultancy and communications agency focusing on the environment and sustainable development. Together with SGRI, BCC handles the communications work within Rest till Bäst.

ECOERA is a Swedish innovation company whose aim is to create small-scale urban agriculture with long-term sustainability using biochar. They have been named a Climate Solver by WWF. Within Rest till Bäst, ECOERA provides knowledge regarding the production process – from organic waste to biochar. They also contribute with innovation and business development surrounding biochar as a product.


Sustainable Business Hub is a member network and a platform with innovation, development and business for sustainable solutions as its focus. Within Rest till Bäst, Sustainable Business Hub offers its expertise in business development surrounding biochar as a product and marketing of the sustainable system solutions generated within the project.

Bara Mineraler is a market leader in Europe within the production of plateau clay and pumice stone for use in the horticultural sector. The products are durable, natural and contribute to a greener environment. Within Rest till Bäst, Bara Mineraler offers its expertise on how biochar can be used together with other substrates. They also contribute with business development surrounding biochar as a product.

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The business concept and vision of Ekobalans is to close the cycle for plant nutrients, such as phosphorus and nitrogen, by utilising the nutrient-rich residue flows present in our society. Within Rest till Bäst, Ekobalans provides knowledge and technology relating to how cadmium and other heavy metals can be separated from the organic residues to produce biochar with low levels of environmentally hazardous substances.

Skånefrö is one of Sweden’s leading seed companies. Seeds are produced for farmers as well as companies, associations and private individuals, and Skånefrö’s grass seed has been voted the best in tests by Råd & Rön. Within Rest till Bäst, Skånefrö provides organic residues as well as the pyrolysis plant which will be used to convert the organic residues into biochar.


RISE is a Swedish research institute that, through international collaboration with academia, the business sector and the public sector, contributes to competitive business and a sustainable society. Within Rest till Bäst, RISE provides knowledge regarding the pyrolysis process and analytical systems evaluations of the project’s value chains.

Scandinavian Green Roof Institute (SGRI) is a member organisation that works to promote urban green solutions and sustainable urban development – through information initiatives as well as practical exercises. SGRI is responsible for the communications work within Rest till Bäst, as well as several of the cultivation tests carried out within the project.


EcoTopic AB is a consultancy firm in the field of biochar. We are helping our customers to initiate production and use of biochar by offering feasibility studies, technical and administrative support, lectures and project management. We are happy to be a part of the project Rest till bäst where we will look into certification of biochar.


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Rest till Bäst is a Vinnova-funded project whose purpose is to develop solutions for managing society’s organic residues and create a much needed beneficial product, while at the same time minimising environmental and climate impact.